Welcome to Our Factory

Coşkun Copperalloys Copper Alloys Import, Export Industry. and Tic. Ltd. Şti. operates in line with the demands of our valued customers. We supply high quality Copper and Brass strips, rolls at competitive prices without compromising the quality standards in our products. In addition, we provide supply and consultancy services to companies producing Copper-Brass roll semi-finished products, Defense Industry, Electrical-Electronics, Transformer manufacturers, Auto radiator manufacturers, Textile Accessories manufacturers and other sectors using Copper-Brass strips and rolls.

CEO & Founder

Our mission is to provide high quality Copper and Brass products at competitive prices that best suit our customers’ needs and to support their business processes. We promise our customers to be not only products but also a reliable business partner. We are committed to supporting the projects of companies operating in the private sector and industrial fields at the highest level by providing consultancy on copper and brass alloys to companies specialized in sectors such as the defense industry, electrical-electronics, transformer manufacturers, auto radiator manufacturers and textile accessories manufacturers. In this regard, we work with an approach focused on continuous innovation and customer satisfaction.

Coşkun Copperalloys is moving forward with the goal of becoming a leading supplier of Copper and Brass alloys worldwide. We are committed to providing our customers with top quality products by using innovation and technology at the highest level, without compromising quality and reliability standards. By taking a leading role in the industry, we aim to be a company focused on continuous development and customer satisfaction.

As Coşkun Copperalloys, our strategy is an approach based on continuous innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. Our basic principle is to understand the changing needs of our customers and respond to these needs in the best way.

  1. Commitment to Quality Standards: We absolutely do not compromise on quality standards in our products. We offer our products to our customers with the highest level of quality control processes.
  2. Sustainability: We focus on environmentally friendly production and business processes. We aim for continuous improvement in renewable energy use and waste management.
  3. Innovation and Technology: We constantly follow new technologies and integrate them into our production processes. In this way, we offer our customers products produced with the latest technology.
  4. Customer happiness: We remain committed to providing a service that exceeds our customers’ expectations. We constantly improve our service quality by taking customer feedback into account.
  5. Flexibility and Fast Delivery: We adapt quickly and flexibly to the changing demands of our customers. On-time delivery is at the center of our business processes and we work devotedly to ensure that our customers’ projects are completed on time.

In line with this strategy, we aim to lead the industry and add value to our customers and establish long-term and reliable relationships with our business partners.